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What do we mean by nebuliser therapy?

Nebulised inhalation is a method of drug administration directly to the respiratory system. Nebulisers are the devices used to convert liquids into aerosols of a size that can be inhaled into the lower respiratory tract.

The advantage of inhaled aerosols is that they allow selective treatment for the lungs by achieving high drug concentrations in the airway while reducing systemic adverse effects. In addition, inhaled bronchodilators produce a more rapid onset of action than oral delivery because of the large surface area of the lung (70 to 80 m2) that allows quick absorption.

Nebuliser therapy is an important administration route in the treatment of lung diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis (CF) and bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD).

Improving patient outcomes with a nebuliser service

Healthcare policy has raised the profile of long-term conditions, and emphasis is now placed on providing care closer to home. Whilst there has been greater recognition that healthcare needs to target those most in need, reports over the past five years have highlighted the shortfall (Healthcare Commission 2006, RCP COPD Audit 2008, BLF 2012). This has led to the development of the recently published National Strategy on COPD (2010), which aims to improve the quality of and access to COPD services, reduce health inequalities and improve healthcare utilisation costs. The Home Nebuliser Service provided by Baywater Healthcare contributes to these aims and conforms to those stated in the 2012 NHS Outcomes Framework.

Benefits for the clinician

  • Alleviation of the administration, inventory and logistics activities relating to the current provision of nebulisers to patients at home.
  • Accurate and timely information on patients using this service – increased clinical governance.
  • Smooth discharge planning with nebuliser equipment available whenever it is needed.

Benefits for the ICB Trust/LHB

  • An auditable pathway from prescription to use, with improved clinical governance and reduced risk.
  • Transparent service cost, allowing for clear budgeting.
  • Cost savings from reduced use of inappropriate clinical time and ‘lost’ equipment.
  • Cost saving from reduction in unnecessary delays in hospital discharge or readmission due to lack of working nebuliser equipment

Benefits for the patient

  • Enhanced service through the provision of up-to-date, well-maintained devices.
  • Responsive delivery and call-out service.
  • ‘In-home’ instruction and education.
  • Convenient ‘in-home’ regular device servicing.
  • Convenient single point-of-contact for all device enquiries.
  • 24 hour/7 day free phone support.

How can we help?

Our nebuliser service negates the administrative burden of managing nebulisation equipment whilst providing patients with a convenient, cost-effective service.

It also reduces wasted costs and provides full transparency of service costs. Our understanding is that many costs associated with delivering nebuliser therapy are hidden – such as clinic time spent ordering equipment, dealing with repairs and replacements and arranging for patients to attend hospital for compressor servicing.

As specialists in delivering homecare services, you can rest assured that we have the experience to provide you with a cost-effective home nebuliser service, supported by excellent patient care. Helping to take the burden out of maintaining a first-class nebuliser service our homecare service includes:

  • Standard compressor for bronchodilator administration
  • High-pressure compressor for antibiotic administration
  • Annual supply of appropriate consumables
  • Yearly Healthcare Technician service visit
  • Home visit for equipment failure and repairs
  • 24 hour/7 day customer contact centre for advice and support
  • Patient education literature
  • Experienced and highly-trained DBS checked Healthcare Technicians
  • Full equipment management and tracking
  • Activity reporting for transparency of service provision
  • Managed ordering as required to support clinical services and budget management


With our home nebuliser service:

Clinicians will have more accurate and timely information on patients using this service, including an auditable pathway from prescription to use. And will experience significant, if not total, alleviation of the administration, inventory and logistics activities relating to the current provision of nebulisers to patients at home.

Clinicians and Trusts will have a clear and auditable pathway from prescription to use and thus have simpler and improved clinical governance exposure.

Patients will experience an enhanced service, through provision of up-to-date, well-maintained devices, responsive delivery and call-out service, ‘in-home’ instruction, convenient ‘in-home’ regular device servicing, convenient single point-of-contact for all device enquiries, 24 hour/7 day freephone support.

For further information or to discuss how we can help you, please contact us on: 0845 602 0776


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