Common Questions

What are Baywater Healthcare’s responsibilities?

To provide and maintain the best nebuliser equipment to suit your needs and support the advice that your Healthcare Professional has given you to help you manage your condition.

We supply all nebuliser equipment, including machines, pots, tubing, mouthpieces and masks. Once we receive an order from your Healthcare Professional, we will arrange to deliver your nebuliser machine and parts.

On the first visit, the Healthcare Technician will explain your nebuliser machine and parts and make sure you are comfortable using it.

Your Healthcare Professional will still be responsible for assessing your condition and providing medical advice.

How do I contact Baywater Healthcare?

You can contact us by using this online form


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or by calling us on 0800 1214524 between 8.00am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Our helpline is open 24 hours, seven days if you need urgent support. If you need emergency medical assistance, you should contact your Healthcare Professional or call 999.

Will my nebuliser be serviced?

Yes. We will do this every twelve months.

You need to perform some simple maintenance in between services, such as replacing the filter to ensure it is clean. Refer to the cleaning and looking after your machine section for more details.

What if I have a problem with my machine?

You should refer to the troubleshooting section in our booklet, or the manufacturer’s user manual.

Please contact us if you cannot fix the problem using these instructions.

How do I order more mouthpieces, masks or tubing?

At each service visit, your Healthcare Technician will provide you with a year’s supply of tubing, masks or mouthpieces and advise you on ordering more. This will depend on the type of nebuliser machine you are using. If you need to order more before your next service is due, call our Healthcare Helpline during normal hours, and we will arrange to post some to you.

Who do I contact if my breathing condition changes?

If you feel unwell or feel that your current nebuliser medicine is not helping your condition, please contact your Healthcare Professional.

You should not alter your medication without consulting your Healthcare Professional. If you need urgent medical assistance, you should contact your Healthcare Professional or call 999 for an ambulance.

What do I do if I move house?

If you are moving house, it is important that you tell us so that you can continue to get your machine serviced and tubing, masks or mouthpiece replaced at your new address.