Oxygen Ordering and Removal


Oxygen Order

We will receive a Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF) from a Healthcare Professional that says you need home oxygen therapy. The HOOF will indicate what type of home oxygen therapy you need based on their assessment of your condition and understanding of your lifestyle. Once the HOOF has been received, we will arrange for one of our Healthcare Technicians to deliver your home oxygen therapy equipment. The HOOF is valid until changed or cancelled by your GP or respiratory specialist.

Reordering your oxygen via this website

As well as our Healthcare Helpline, you can reorder cylinders, liquid oxygen or consumables via this website:

Oxygen Order Form


Reordering your oxygen by telephone

When you need more home oxygen therapy cylinders, simply call us between 8.00am and 6.30pm. All orders (except emergency orders) received outside of this timeframe will be processed on the next working day.


Day order received before 6.30pm Order delivered
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Monday, unless needed Saturday
Saturday Monday, unless needed Sunday
Sunday Monday

Removal of your oxygen

If your home oxygen therapy equipment is no longer required, please speak to your Healthcare Professional to arrange removal. In the case of a patient passing away, removal can be arranged by calling the Healthcare Helpline.

Moving house

If you are moving house, you just need to find out the name of your new doctors’ surgery (if you are changing), then call us on 0800 373 580 and we will organise everything with you over the phone. Please inform us two weeks in advance of any permanent change of address.


Cylinder retrieval scheme: Baywater Healthcare medical oxygen cylinders only

If you find a medical oxygen cylinder (containing gas or empty) that belongs to either Baywater Healthcare, that is not used by a patient; please phone 01270 218050. Our Healthcare Helpline Advisers will arrange for our retrieval services to collect the cylinder/s.

Cylinders containing gases (or which are apparently empty) can present a considerable risk of fire, especially at civic amenity sites and metal recyclers. Cylinders must be disposed of through our retrieval scheme.

For Baywater medical oxygen cylinders, please call 0800 0839652.