Electricity Refunds


Electricity refunds

If you use an oxygen machine as part of your home oxygen therapy, Baywater Healthcare currently reimburse electricity costs for oxygen machine usage on behalf of the NHS in accordance with the latest Government guidelines and tariffs. The calculation for all oxygen machine electricity refunds is based on the reading provided on the meter in the oxygen machine.

Electricity payments are based on a standard tariff set by the NHS and do not include standing electricity charges.

To receive your electricity refunds we will need your bank details. Electricity refunds are sent securely using the BACS electronic service. Millions of UK customers use and trust this system. You can supply or update your bank details using the Electricity Refund Form on this page.

If your last payment was made using an estimated reading, your following will require a meter reading. We will take this reading during your next oxygen machine service. You must allow us access to the oxygen machine to complete the service, this will ensure your continued safety and uninterrupted electricity refunds. Failure to allow us access to complete an oxygen machine service will result in your electricity refund being delayed. You can book a service visit using the Oxygen Machine Service Booking Form on this page.


You should receive a payment every three months:

  • One is based on the actual reading taken from the meter in the oxygen machine
  • The next is based on the concentrator machine’s usage that we have recorded in the past
  • The next is based on the actual reading taken from the meter in the oxygen machine
  • And so on and so on

To get an actual meter reading, the Healthcare Technician will read the meter inside the oxygen machine during a service visit. This meter counts the number of hours that the machine has been running.

You will always receive a statement to inform you how much is being refunded.


Updating your details

The quickest and most convenient method of updating your electricity supplier and payment details is to use our online Electricity Refund Form.


Electricity Refund Form


Safety information

We notify the electricity distributors that you have an oxygen concentrator in your home for added safety. In the event of a prolonged power cut, you are treated as a priority customer by them.


Electrical power cuts

If you have or suspect an electrical power cut, call the National Power Cut Helpline on 105 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

If you use an oxygen machine, you will have a large emergency cylinder unless your Healthcare Professional has identified a safety concern within your home; in this case, your Healthcare Professional will have provided you with emergency guidance. 

Emergency cylinders provide oxygen for you to use during a power cut. You will have enough emergency cylinders to supply at least eight hours of oxygen when they are full.

Keep your emergency cylinder close to your oxygen machine in a place that is easy for you to reach in the event of a power cut. Away from anything with a flammable logo or open flaming fires, such as log burners.

You must have either nasal prongs or a mask (if you use one) attached to your emergency cylinder so your cylinder is always ready to use in an emergency.

If you need to use your emergency cylinder, turn the dial, so the number in the window matches the one your Healthcare Professional has told you to use.

Keep a torch nearby with working batteries or charged if it is rechargeable. It is vital that you do not use lit candles near oxygen due to the risk of fire.

It’s important to keep warm if the weather is cold. Dress in several layers and have a hat, gloves and a blanket ready. You can also reduce heat loss by closing doors and curtains.

If you use a mobile phone, keep it fully charged so you can use your mobile during the power cut.

If you live in an isolated area that experiences regular power cuts, please tell your Healthcare Professional to make them aware of this.

Some electricity suppliers will prioritise people who need to use an oxygen machine. Please inform your electricity supplier that you use an oxygen machine to be added to their priority list.

Power cuts will also affect things like stair lifts, bath hoists and adjustable beds. Make sure that any essential medical equipment has a battery back-up. This means you can keep using it, even if the power is out. If you have a stair lift, check it has a manual release handle that you can use to return it to the ground floor if needed.

If you have used your emergency cylinder, please call us on 0800 373580 to have it replaced, or use our Oxygen Reorder Form.

Oxygen Reorder Form


Citizens Advice

If you are struggling to pay your electricity bill, help and advice is available. Call your local Citizens Advice or visit their website by clicking here:


Citizens Advice


Booking a service visit and submitting a meter reading

You can book a service visit and provide us with a meter reading by completing our online form or calling our Healthcare Helpline.


Oxygen Machine Service Booking Form


Help with your electricity bills

The government may be able to offer support with your electricity bills. To find out more about the different schemes available, please visit their website:

Government Website