Electricity refund

If you use a concentrator machine as part of your home oxygen therapy Baywater Healthcare will reimburse you for any electricity your machine uses at the standard rate for the electricity provider in that region. We do not refund your entire bill or any standing charges.

  1. You have three electricity refund options:
    • Direct payment into your bank account – this is safe, secure and provides a much quicker payment
    • By a cheque sent directly to you in the post – this can take time and get lost in the post
    • Direct payment to your electricity supplier – this can take up to six months for the money to be taken off your electricity bill
  2. You should receive four payments per year, one every quarter:
    • One is based on the actual reading taken from the meter in the concentrator machine
    • The next is based on the concentrator machine’s usage that we have recorded in the past
    • The next is based on the actual reading taken from the meter in the concentrator machine·
    • And so on and so on
  3. To get an actual meter reading the Healthcare Technician will read the meter that is inside the concentrator machine. This meter counts the number of hours that the machine has been running
  4. You will always receive a statement to let you know how much is being refunded.


DOWNLOAD Electricity refund facts [PDF 335 KB]

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