Nebuliser Therapy

Nebuliser therapy is the inhalation of a drug directly to the lungs. A nebuliser is a device that turns liquid medication into a fine mist or spray by blowing air through it. This will allow medicine to be delivered directly into your lungs where it can be absorbed more rapidly and more effectively than using an inhaler.

The medication used in nebuliser therapy uses a much higher dose than your ordinary inhalers.

How do I get home nebuliser therapy?

You will need to be assessed by a GP or respiratory specialist to see if you would benefit from nebuliser therapy. After your assessment, a prescription for your medicine will be made and the specialist nurse will place an order with us for your nebuliser equipment.

Upon receipt of an order, we will deliver and install the equipment in your home.

To get your medication you should take your prescription to your local pharmacist.

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