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Home ventilation therapy and oxygen

Your clinician will normally advise us how much oxygen you require when using your ventilation machine. A separate attachment known as an oxygen enrichment port will be added into the tubing or onto the front of your ventilator machine.

Always ensure you follow safe/best practice when using oxygen. Turn your ventilator machine on before adding your oxygen. Then turn your oxygen off before turning off your ventilator machine when you have finished.


Never change your oxygen setting unless advised to do so by your Healthcare Professional as this can be dangerous to your health. Always practice standard safety measures when using your oxygen.


What does apnoea alarm mean?

This alarm requires immediate attention. This indicates that the machine cannot detect that the patient is taking breaths for themselves. This could be due to tubing becoming disconnected, a blockage in the tubing, or if a tracheostomy tube is present, sputum is blocking the tube. If the problem cannot be located, contact Baywater Healthcare for assistance.