Common Questions

How do I contact Baywater Healthcare?

You can contact us using this form

Contact Us

or call our Helpdesk on 0800 0284855. If you have a problem or question, we will try to solve it over the phone, and if we cannot do this, we will visit your home.

Dial 999 if you need emergency assistance.


How often will you visit me?

Once your equipment has been installed, we only need to come out to see you if you have an issue with your equipment, or we need to complete a service. A Telehealth Technician will come out once a year to service your equipment and ensure that it is all working correctly.


What do I need to do?

You will need to answer the questions and submit readings. Your Telehealth Technicians will show you how to do this and you can always call our helpline for advice. You will also need to ensure that your equipment is clean and charged up.


How do I identify a Telehealth Technician?

All of our Telehealth Technicians carry an identity card. You must ask to see this before you let them into your home. Our Telehealth Technicians will try to ring you before they come so that you know to expect them. All of our Telehealth Technicians have been security screened to ensure that they are suitable for the job.

Do not let anyone into your home if you are unsure about their identity. Instead, call us on 0800 0284855 to verify their visit.


What do you do with my readings?

Your readings will be shared with your Healthcare Professional. We may contact you if there is a query, e.g. missed readings, or if your readings are outside of your normal limits.


Who should be using my device?

You are the only person who should be using the device and it is your responsibility to look after it.


Who owns the equipment I have been issued?

Any equipment issued by us remains the property of Baywater Healthcare.

Telehealth is not an emergency response device and if you feel unwell, you should contact your Healthcare Professional in the normal way.