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Being a teenager can be challenging, and using oxygen during this period can add to the worry. We have asked for advice from other teenage oxygen users and Healthcare Professionals to include for you below. We hope it helps. Please be assured that we take your care very seriously.

If you have any more questions, please contact us using this form:


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Or call our Healthcare Helpline on 0800 373 580.

You can find all this information and more in the Guide to the Home Oxygen Service booklet, that our Healthcare Technician will have left during the installation of oxygen.


There is nothing stopping you from heading out, having fun with your friends and going on dates.

If you’re out with friends, tell them what to do if you start to feel poorly; that way, if anything happens to you when you’re out with them, they’ll be able to do something to help. Store our Healthcare Helpline number – 0800 373 580 – in your mobile, just in case you need it.

Carrying your cylinder

We give you a carry bag for your portable cylinder as we want to make sure that it can be carried easily and is secure when you’re out. If you can use something of your own that looks better – go ahead – use it to carry your cylinder; we’ve got no issue with that. The only thing we ask is that you make sure the cylinder is secure and not rolling or rattling around.

Looking good

Ensure that any makeup, face wash, moisturiser, and spot creams you’re planning to use do not contain any oil or petroleum-based products. Using any product that has oil or petroleum products in them on your skin where your oxygen touches can irritate the skin and cause dryness, redness or sores. If you’re having trouble finding something that both works without any oil or petroleum products in it, have a chat with the beauty specialists in a department store, a pharmacist or your GP.

Sun cream

In the summer, it is essential that skin is protected from the sun by using a high factor sun cream, but it is really important that any creams containing oils or petroleum products are not used anywhere on the skin. If you’re unsure which sun creams to use, you can check the ingredients shown on the bottle or speak to your pharmacist and explain the situation.


Never smoke whilst you’re using oxygen. When mixed with fire, oxygen can make things burn a lot faster than they usually do, so don’t do it. Apart from that, it’s not likely to make you any better.

If your friends smoke, ask them to do it out of your way.

This includes E-cigarettes.