Common Questions

On the Resuscitation Council website, it states that a CD sized cylinder should be used

CD is a brand name; the Baywater Healthcare equivalent is the Freedom 400. The term “CD size” has been used on the Resuscitation Council website as an example only. Baywater Healthcare Recovery Oxygen packages are fully compliant with relevant legislation relating to the provision of medical oxygen.


My current supplier services our cylinders on a yearly basis – is this required?

Baywater Healthcare cylinders do NOT require any maintenance or servicing within the shelf life of the cylinder. Prior to being delivered, our cylinders are fully tested, which means they require no additional servicing for three years. Baywater Healthcare contact you three months prior to the cylinder expiry date to arrange a suitable time for a replacement cylinder to be issued.

The cylinder should be checked every week to ensure it is full and that any connections and tubing are not damaged.

  • When your cylinder is delivered, it is full and the needle in the gauge is in the green sector. This is the pressure the cylinder was filled to, and due to external temperature changes, the gauge will move within the green section.
  • Caution – if the contents gauge is showing red, your cylinder is empty and needs to be changed.
  • If you feel that there is a problem with your cylinder at any point, please contact Baywater Healthcare immediately on 0845 6020776.


What do you receive as part of the Baywater Healthcare Recovery Oxygen Package?

The Baywater Healthcare Recovery Oxygen Package includes:

  • Choice of either portable (430 litre) or static (2122 litres) cylinders
  • 1 x non-rebreathe mask – portable cylinders
  • 2 x non-rebreathe masks – static cylinders
  • Tubing
  • Compliance certification
  • Advice and regulatory information
  • COSHH documentation
  • Oxygen safety signage