Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Patients who require supplementary oxygen should be formally assessed for their clinical need, referred to complimentary services such as smoking cessation and pulmonary rehabilitation, and have an appropriate supply mode for their home oxygen supply selected.

According to NICE (2010), the need for supplementary oxygen therapy should be assessed in:

  • All patients with very severe airflow obstruction (FEV1 < 30% predicted)
  • Patients with cyanosis
  • Patients with polycythaemia
  • Patients with peripheral oedema
  • Patients with a raised jugular venous pressure
  • Patients with oxygen saturations ≤ 92% breathing air
  • Assessment should also be considered in patients with severe airflow obstruction (FEV1 30–49% predicted)

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Baywater Healthcare supports the NHS in correctly assessing patients for oxygen therapy.

We offer a full range of oxygen equipment to enable clinical teams to assess each patient on the most appropriate oxygen equipment to meet their needs. We can also support assessment services by enhancing primary care awareness of referral pathways and the development of service referral forms.

Assessment Services can contact us to request that one of our Clinical Advisers come and see you to deliver free of charge oxygen equipment training and to discuss how we can support you in meeting the needs of your patients.

For more information on this service, please contact our sales team on 0845 602 0776 or email [email protected].


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