Concentrator Machines

How to use your concentrator machine
Before using your concentrator machine you should become familiar with its parts. The flow rate will be set to the ordered flow by your Healthcare Technician. Any changes to this should be done only if recommended by your Healthcare Professional.

Cleaning the concentrator machine
You should wipe the outside case of the concentrator machine regularly with a damp cloth. Please be careful if you move the concentrator machine as it is heavy.

Our Healthcare Technician will service the concentrator machine every six months, but in between these services we ask that you do some simple maintenance.

The most important thing to do is to clean the filter in the concentrator machine at least once a week (excluding the VisionAire). To do this you should take the filter out of the concentrator machine and place your spare filter in the concentrator machine. If you don’t have a spare filter, please call our Healthcare Helpline on 0800 373580, or ask your Healthcare Technician when they next visit.

Rinse the filter in warm water, then squeeze all the excess water out and leave the filter to dry; you should make sure that the filter is totally dry before you put it in the concentrator machine again

Re-Ordering Oxygen Cylinders, Liquid Oxygen or Consumables

To request replacement oxygen cylinders, cannula, mask or consumables, please complete the form below:

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We deliver seven days a week.

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B10 Large Static Cylinder

B10 large static cylinder

Standard Ambulatory Cylinder

Standard ambulatory cylinder

Smaller Ambulatory Cylinder

Smaller ambulatory cylinder
(only available after a professional medical assessment)

Adult Cannula (Curved)
Adult Cannula (Straight)
Adult Mask
Ear Protectors
Paediatric Cannula
Paediatric Mask
Filter for Oxygen concentrator machine
Tender Grips

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