Our Team

Our Healthcare Technicians


Our Healthcare Technicians are responsible for installing oxygen equipment in patients’ homes and for making regular service visits. They provide patients with all the information and advice they need on operating and maintaining their oxygen equipment, and doing it safely. All our Healthcare Technicians undergo a thorough police check and training programme before they are allowed to make service visits.

Our Healthcare Helpline Advisers


Our Healthcare Helpline is the first point of contact for all enquiries from patients and customers. The team deals with queries ranging from troubleshooting and new prescriptions, to receipts and payments.

Our Nurse Advisers


Our Nurse Advisers are all qualified Nurses who have a keen interest in, and understanding of, patients with respiratory ailments. Regionally based, each Nurse Adviser forms essential links with Healthcare Professionals across primary and secondary care to facilitate safe and appropriate usage of the home oxygen service.

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