World Environment Day: Embracing Sustainability at Baywater Healthcare

5th June 2024

World Environment Day is a poignant reminder of our responsibility to safeguard our planet. As we mark this day, it is crucial to reflect on the actions that we are taking to preserve our environment for generations to come.


At Baywater Healthcare, we are committed to sustainability and making changes to reduce negative environmental impacts. As an ethical provider of healthcare services, we believe that social value and sustainability is the right thing to do. Social value is embedded as part of our culture and is something all our employees are invested in and actively contribute to.


Our Social value starts at the top, with our CEO leading our Sustainability Champions Group. Our Sustainability Champions Group is a passionate group of employees who take responsibility for discussing and implementing ideas to maximise the positive impact of our activities, raise further awareness of sustainability, and report on our progress towards a positive impact on the environment.


We have several sustainability initiatives at Baywater Healthcare that contribute to safeguarding our environment. We have introduced initiatives to reduce our emissions, including introducing hybrid vehicles to our company car fleet, which has resulted in a 16% reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. Our next phase is to move to a fully electric fleet. Furthermore, to reduce the carbon impact from our premises, we switched all our electricity supplies to renewable sources. This has helped us reduce the carbon footprint for all locations.


We are committed to zero waste to landfill. 100% of our waste from our head office and depot locations is recycled or diverted from landfills. We are also digitalising our forms, and staff are encouraged to avoid printing across our locations unless it is essential. This is essential as, on average, each piece of paper that a company prints produces an average of 5 grams of CO2 emissions.


We have received several relevant accreditations for our efforts. In July 2023, we secured our ISO 14001 certification, and in the following November, we were delighted to be awarded the Bronze Social Quality Mark. For this award, we committed to a social value pledge and definition. We have also set a road map and objectives that we plan to achieve as part of our social value commitments. To achieve this accreditation, we have evidenced high levels of achievement and commitment towards social value and positively impacting society.


Read more about our Bronze Social Quality Mark award HERE


We have numerous more sustainability projects that we are delivering to further improve our impact on the environment in the areas where we operate. We have begun completing audits on all of our sites. From the information gathered from these audits, we will develop a plan to enhance the sustainability in each location.


Keep an eye out for more information on our social media channels as we deliver future projects and become the most environmentally friendly company possible.