National Apprenticeship Week – James

7th February 2023

For National Apprenticeship Week, we asked employees to share their experiences of undertaking apprenticeships at Baywater Healthcare. We recently spoke to James. James joined our IT team in January 2022 as a T-Level apprentice and in that time has had the opportunity to combine his college course with on the job experience by playing a key part in numerous IT projects.


Tell us about your T-Level Course


I joined Baywater Healthcare as a T-Level student, going to college three days per week and spending one day per week with Baywater Healthcare. My T-Level is a IT computing course. The course contains three parts, hardware, coding and business.


What made you want to undertake this course?


The main purpose of the T-Level is work experience, I have to spend 300 hours working within the IT sector and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work at Baywater Healthcare.


What key skills have you learnt on your apprenticeship?


During my time with Baywater, I have learnt many skills such as time management, working with others and communication skills.


What are your ambitions for the future?


My ambition for the future is to keep working with technology. I would like to develop my coding skills and become a software developer or work with servers and become a network engineer.


What advice would you give to people considering undertaking an apprenticeship with Baywater Healthcare?


My advice to anybody looking to undertake an apprenticeship at Baywater Healthcare is to ensure that you have good teamworking skills. You will often find yourself having the opportunity to work with members of all teams within the company so having these teamwork skills is important.