National Apprenticeship Week – Antonio

10th February 2023

Antonio, a member of our scheduling team at Baywater Healthcare recently shared his experience of the ‘Safety, Health and Environmental Apprenticeship’ that he has been studying.


Tell us about your apprenticeship


I am studying the ‘Safety, Health and Environmental Apprenticeship’. This is a course that prepares me to deal with all aspects of Health and Safety at organisational level. I have almost completed the apprenticeship and have only a few recorded discussions and then a final end point assessment to go.


What made you want to undertake this apprenticeship?


I felt that this was an excellent course to enable me to be a part of not only how we improve the way we work but also to ensure the safety of myself and of my work colleagues. By undertaking the apprenticeship I have gained a greater knowledge of how organisations work and the meaning of the internal ‘Health and Safety Policy’.  


What key skills have you learnt during your apprenticeship?


I have gained an understanding of the importance of health and safety, from protecting the organisation and ensuring the safety of all who are affected by our activities but also the need to be compliant with our contractor’s requirements. I have developed skills in risk assessment, accident investigation, safe working systems, quality management and developing and implementing safe working practises that comply with the latest rules and regulations.


How has the apprenticeship enhanced your role at Baywater Healthcare?


I am a part of the “Safety Champions” team at Baywater and a Fire Marshal. During Safety Week, I elaborated a document to promote a safety culture in the company and providing guidance for how every staff member can be a part of this.