International Women’s Day – Sophia

8th March 2023

Sophia joined Baywater Healthcare after graduating from University in 2020. Sophia is a key part of our present and future ambitions.


Tell us about yourself


I’m Sophia and I’m an Economics Graduate, in an IT Data Analyst role at Baywater Healthcare.


This is your first job since leaving University, what is important to you in the Workplace?


What’s important to me in the workplace is access to training and development, a focus on recognition for this and opportunities for career advancement. It’s also important to have women in leadership for representation, to breakdown stereotypes and gender biases.


What advice would you give to any women that are looking to build a career in a role similar to yours?


Learn the necessary technical skills, which includes a query language, a programming in language, and a tool for visualisation. Get some hands on experience with real data, and seek out mentorship from women in the industry. In a male dominated field its important to be confident and persistent, and seek out opportunities to demonstrate your skills – don’t wait around for them to arise.


What skills are key in your role?


  • An inquisitive mindset: You should have a strong desire to learn and stay current with new tools, technologies and techniques in data analysis
  • An ability to see the bigger picture: You should have a strong understanding of the organisations business objectives and how your analysis can support decision making
  • Strong numerical aptitude: Data analysts need to be comfortable working with numbers and mathematical concepts.
  • Communication: To be able to communicate the results of analysis, often to a none technical audience


What are your ambitions for the future?


My ambitions for the future are to move from a data analyst into a data scientist, by enhancing skills by exploring predictive techniques and modelling outcomes using machine learning.