International Women’s Day – Manal

8th March 2023

Since joining Baywater Healthcare in August 2022, Manal has become a highly valued member of our team. Check out what she has to say on this years International Women’s Day.


Introduce yourself


My name is Manal, I work in the finance department as a Financial Accountant.


What skills are key in your role?


I am a fully qualified Certified Accountant, with FCCA (Fellow Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Status. My job at Baywater is varied, but predominantly I produce the Management Accounts each month for the Senior Managers and the Group. I oversee the day to day processes in Finance and manage some of the team. Attention to detail and accuracy is vital in my role as well as extensive accounting and management skills. This entails being analytical, resolving problems, managing work and meeting deadlines.


What advice would you give to any women that are looking to build a career in a role similar to yours?


Work hard to achieve what you want to from your life and career. Make sure Accountancy is the career that you want to peruse by getting advice on how to attain the qualifications and what you can do once you have. Commitment and focus are paramount, as it takes up a lot of your time to gain the full qualification, so be prepared to put in the hours when studying.


An ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) membership is your passport to work anywhere, not just locally but globally. The qualification offers a range of versatile and flexible choices. You can work in a multitude of accountancy related fields such as Taxation, Fund Management, Treasury, to name but a few. You will be able to work across a variety of businesses, such as manufacturing, retail, charity, practice and many more.


The ACCA qualification is one of the globally recognized accounting and finance qualifications. Accountants will always be sought after, so it’s a good career move for everyone.


What is your proudest achievement?


Getting my full professional qualification. I went back to university as a mature student when my children were young and managed to work through the qualifications to attain professional status. I have also gone on to become a Fellow of the ACCA.


Who is your female role model?


There are a few but predominately, my mother who I looked up to because, despite the hardship she endured in early life, her ‘can do’ attitude has always inspired me. She was an entrepreneur and a hard worker, establishing and running a successful business from scratch by recognising a need in the community that we lived in. Her business thrived for years and resulted in a better life for all her six children. Her contribution ensured that we had a good education which then enabled us all to succeed in our careers.