International Women’s Day – Katie

8th March 2023

Katie, One of our HOS-AR (Home Oxygen Assessment and Review) healthcare assistant’s has shared her thoughts on International Women’s Day including why her Grandmother was such a huge female inspiration for her.

Tell us about yourself.


I’m Katie and I’m a HOS-AR healthcare assistant at Baywater Healthcare.


What skills are key in your role?


Key Skills in my role are kindness, patience, caring and knowledge of oxygen and respiratory.

I have been in this job for nearly a year and have learnt so much in that time. I have had great teachers, my colleagues Jade, Paula and Sally have taught me so much already and I know there is so much more to learn.


The most important skill I demonstrate in my role is being kind and going above and beyond for people.


Who is your female role model?


My Grandma was a ward sister, I never got the chance to meet her as she died a few months before I was born, but anyone who talks about her tells me what a lovely kind, caring person she was, a mother to 4 children, excellent wife and a all-round brilliant woman. Even though I never got to meet her I think of her as my female role model.


She also inspired my cousin to become a nurse who is now a ward sister, and also my older sister to go into nursing. Being 1 of 4 girls, our house has always been full of women and we all support each other, through the good and the bad.


What is your proudest achievement?


I think my greatest achievement is passing my driving test second time. If you speak to my dad who took me out A LOT he was surprised too!