International Women’s Day – Carole

8th March 2023

Carole, HR Adviser at Baywater Healthcare has answered a series of questions ahead of International Women’s Day.


Tell us about yourself


I’m Carole, I am a HR Adviser and I’ve been with Baywater for 2 years now and I’ve been in HR for quite a few years previously.


I am a HR Generalist and I’m involved with various aspects of HR, including the administration of our employees from start to finish, providing contracts for new people who are joining Baywater and those changing roles, obtaining and recording their personal information, handling day to day problems and resolving issues, and providing information, advice and support to both employees and managers.


I’m also a Mental Health First aider.


What skills are key in your role?


Ideally interpersonal skills, the soft skills, as we can have a lot of interaction employees. Confidentiality is a must, being trustworthy, focused, objective, empathetic and supportive of both employees and the employer, flexibility and able to juggle helps as there can be frequent changes and we must able to react quickly and fairly.


What advice would you give to any woman that is looking to build a career in a role similar to yours?


Go for it. You will learn a lot about yourself and others, it’s interesting and most days are different. There are many roles within HR from a generalist which covers doing anything and everything or specialising in a particular area of interest such as Benefits.


HR can be tough and complex at times, but it is rewarding in knowing that you have supported a colleague or helped the organisation in the achievement of its objectives.


What is your proudest achievement?


Whilst being with Baywater I have completed my Level 5 CIPD qualification in Human Resource Management and it has been quite a challenge with working and difficult personal circumstances, but the support I have had from many people has been great and the sacrifices I’ve made have been worthwhile in the end.