International Women’s Day – Angela

8th March 2023

Angela, Rota Administrator at Baywater Healthcare recently shared her amazing story ahead of International Women’s Day.


Tell us about yourself


I joined Baywater in July 2017.  My first role was Payroll/HR Administrator which allowed me to interact and get to know every function and individual across the Company. This is an amazing opportunity to have such a foundation. As the Finance Team evolved and roles changed, I was then able to consider how I could develop my knowledge and experience and I am now working in the Rota Team as a Rota Administrator.


What skills are key in your role as Rota Administrator?


The knowledge I brought from my Payroll days have proved to be crucial in my learning and settling into my new role. Attention to detail, concentration and ability to adapt to a situation within the Operations Team quickly and accurately happens every day and dealing with pressure and vital timescales are critical skills.


What is your proudest achievement?


I helped to set up a domiciliary care agency in 2004. I undertook the role of Finance Manager under the leadership of the company director, a role in which I never thought I would be capable of, but he proved me wrong. I’m a very proud Mum and single parent to 2 amazing girls who have found their way into adult-hood as well balanced, caring and loving young ladies. I have always tried to ensure that my work-life balance has enhanced our lives. I am also proud that I still feel as passionate as I did almost 6 years ago about the service Baywater provides to vulnerable people and as passionate about my family and close friends as I have always been.


This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, how important is it that you work for a company that does demonstrate that it is embracing equity?


For me, equity equals fairness and it is very important to me that Baywater embraces this culture right across the business. There should always be the same access to opportunities, support and recognition for every employee and barriers to equality should be identified and removed. We do not have ‘women’ roles or ‘men’ roles in this business, we have people who just genuinely want to do their best but develop and learn something more to enable their passion and interest in their ‘jobs’ remain high.


Who is your female role model?


I class every female in my family as a role model. Both my grandmothers emigrated to the UK from Germany and Italy after the war. They had to move away from their family, learn the language and adapt to fit in. They worked hard to provide for their families and provide the best upbringing possible, instilling a strong set of morals and values which have been passed down throughout the generations. My Aunt emigrated to Canada but throughout my life has been there to encourage me, give advice and keep secrets where need be! My mum has always been a huge influence on me. She moved to Cyprus at the age of 19 when my dad was posted there with the RAF. Here she gave birth to my sister without the support of her family, something we take for granted nowadays. She has always given me the freedom and encouragement to have faith in myself. I am incredibly close to my sister although we don’t live close to each other. She has always encouraged me to aim higher and given me the confidence to believe in myself. What I have learnt from them and still do, I now pass onto my daughters.


What advice would you to any women looking to build a career in a role similar to yours?


Find your passion, find what you are good at and decide what you can do better or improve. Embracing learning is what my role is all about. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as long as you learn from them.