10 Charitable Donations for 10 years of Baywater Healthcare

7th December 2023

Friday, 1st December 2023 marked Baywater Healthcare’s 10th anniversary. Throughout our ten years, we have been proud to promote social value and support charitable causes. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have made charitable donations to ten amazing Community Foundations in the areas where we deliver services.


We were inspired by learning about the difference that each Community Foundation is making and are delighted to be able to support them. In this article, we showcase each Community Foundation that we have supported:


Forever Manchester


We have supported Forever Manchester by joining their Business Supporters Club. Forever Manchester is a charity that raises money to fund and support communities across Greater Manchester. The charity aims to connect communities to make them stronger and happier by providing activities that unite people.


To read more about Forever Manchester, please visit www.forevermanchester.com


Merseyside Community Foundation


The Merseyside Community Foundation is an independent charity promoting local giving to address local disadvantage. The foundation offers a wealth of experience, knowledge, expertise, and bespoke advice to ensure that money received has the most significant impact where it is most needed. Since 1999, the foundation has distributed more than £47.5 million to charities and community groups in Merseyside. We are proud to donate towards their core costs and the Merseyside Women’s Fund.


To find out more about the fantastic work that Merseyside Community Foundation do, please visit www.cfmerseyside.org.uk


Community Foundation Wales


For over 20 years, the Community Foundation Wales has supported charities and community groups with funding to strengthen communities across Wales. Since 1999, they have awarded over £40 million in grants to grassroots community groups and charities across Wales.


As an organisation with patient services in Wales, we are delighted to become ‘Friends of the Community Foundation’ and to be able to support the foundation in giving back to the communities that we have proudly become a part of.


Find out more about the Community Foundation Wales by visiting https://communityfoundationwales.org.uk/


Leeds Community Foundation


Leeds Community Foundation distributes vital grants and gives trusted advice to community organisations across Leeds and Bradford to influence positive changes. They are driven by creating meaningful social impact for thousands of local people annually.


As the region’s largest independent funder, Leeds Community Foundation is the only organisation of its kind in Leeds and Bradford, working with hundreds of Community Organisations each year. We are delighted to be part of their 100 Club.


Check out their fantastic work by visiting https://www.leedscf.org.uk/


Two Ridings Community Foundation


Two Ridings Community Foundation enables people who want to give across North and East Yorkshire to set up funds and donate to issues they care about, including poverty, children’s wellbeing, rural suicide, and social isolation.


Two Ridings makes grants and supports hundreds of grassroots communities and charitable organisations across Yorkshire. These organisations provide crucial services and life-changing activities for local people.


We are thrilled to be able to support the Two Ridings Community Foundation. To find out more about the foundation, please visit https://www.tworidingscf.org.uk/


Heart of England Community Foundation


Heart of England Community Foundation is the Community Foundation for the West Midlands and Warwickshire. They have awarded over £35 million to over 7,000 great causes since 1995. Funds raised by the foundation are awarded to community and voluntary groups in the area and to invest in grassroots projects and fund ideas that enable the local communities to thrive.


Check out the Heart of England Community Foundation by visiting https://www.heartofenglandcf.co.uk/


London Community Foundation


London Community Foundation aims to help people to make a difference in London. Statistics show that 28% of Londoners live in poverty, which is a quarter higher than the average for the UK, with 40% of Londoners not meeting an acceptable standard of living (Minimum Income Standard).


The community recently launched its Women’s Fund for London. The fund aims to unite people who want to give and make a difference to women in the city, providing financial and employment advice, skills, and training to support women’s financial resilience.


Read more about this new project and the London Community Foundation here – https://londoncf.org.uk/


Worcestershire Community Foundation


Worcestershire Community Foundation are an independent charity and the community foundation for Worcestershire. They are part of a national network of 47 community foundations and the UK’s fourth-largest funding body.


During 2022/23, they supported Worcestershire communities by distributing £808,091 of funding to support 164+ community projects nationwide.


We are delighted to be able to assist the Worcestershire Community Foundation in supporting and delivering more amazing projects in the future. To find out more about their work, visit https://www.worcscf.org.uk/


Northeast Community Foundation


Northeast Community Foundation’s vision is to contribute to and see communities thrive across Northeast England, with fairness and generosity changing lives and helping everyone feel they belong.


The community foundation grows giving and philanthropy, matching generous people and organisations with the region’s important community causes.


We were inspired by learning about the 1,406 grants the Northeast Community Foundation awarded in the last year and were delighted to support them in making further grants. We have committed our donation to their local grant-making funds, the North East Grass Roots Fund and the North East Women’s Fund. To find out more, please visit https://www.communityfoundation.org.uk/


Cheshire Community Foundation


As part of our social value commitment, we have established a partnership with the Cheshire Community Foundation. The Cheshire Community Foundation raises funds to support hundreds of small charities and voluntary groups across Cheshire and Warrington. They connect people and companies who want to make a difference with those needing help. Through our partnership, we sit on their Crewe fund advisory board to help decide where those funds should be allocated. We recently visited the charities that we have supported so far to check out the fantastic work that they are doing.


To mark our tenth anniversary, we have committed to continue our support for the Crewe fund. To read more about their excellent work, please visit their website – https://cheshirecommunityfoundation.org.uk/