We’ve delivered one million oxygen cylinders

29th April 2015

Baywater Healthcare reached a major milestone recently with the delivery of our one millionth oxygen cylinder to a patient’s home.

‘Excitement was building in the office as we edged closer and closer to the million mark,’ said Adam Sullivan, ‘then on Thursday April 16, we finally made it.’

The one millionth oxygen cylinder was delivered by Neil Marsh to Karl, a patient in North Yorkshire.

Neil said: ‘I had no idea this was a significant delivery, I thought it was a normal day.  I’ve been delivering oxygen to Karl for a few years now and we always enjoy a quick chat. He’s a lovely gentleman, so I’m delighted he was the one who received the millionth oxygen cylinder.’

Adam Sullivan, Chief Executive, said: ‘We all get a great deal of satisfaction from supporting patients and helping them manage their conditions, stay mobile, and independent.’