Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness – Caring Employer

27th August 2020

COVID 19 can’t stop us!  Despite our administration teams working remotely and our incredibly dedicated field-based teams having social distancing restrictions placed on their everyday activity – we still care for each other.

After working closely with Time to Change (TTC), a social movement led by MIND, our commitment for improving mental health awareness across the company remains as dynamic and as focused as ever.

We have now received our formal ‘Pledge Board’ from the organisation, which was signed by our CEO, Adam Sullivan, on 21stMay 2020 – a physical confirmation of the continued obligations we have undertaken to support our workforce; whatever they need.

Organisations who take the Pledge and put their Action Plan in place have found that employees report feeling more supported about issues concerning mental health, are more willing to disclose their personal lived experience, and are more confident about making managers and colleagues aware of their experience.

We want our people and their families to feel safe, valued and supported.  The work continues.

Be kind