Meet Exercise Adviser: Elizabeth Stowell (Part 2)

13th June 2017

Resistance Exercise 2

Recommendations for resistance exercise for individuals with COPD:

Frequency: 2-3 days per week
Intensity: Low weight
Time: 1-3 sets repeated 15-25 times

Type Of Exercise: Resistance bands can be used for home exercise (as shown). Individuals with COPD experience shortness of breath when performing activities of daily living involving the upper body. It is important to focus on the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Resisted Row

  1. Loop the band around a fixed point (it is important that this is well secured).
  2. Start with your arms in front of you holding each end of the band.
  3. Pull back so that your arms bend and your hands come towards your body.
  4. Slowly return your arms to the starting point.

Resisted Shrugs

  1. Holding the ends in each hand, stand on the band with both feet together and your back straight.
  2. Grab the handles in each hand and make sure that the band is straightened when your arms are fully extended at your sides. You can do this either by wrapping the band around your hands, bringing your arms out or stand further apart.
  3. With your feet together, arms extended and back straight, shrug your shoulders as high as you can, making the resistance band stretch slightly.
  4. Return to starting position.

It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise or exercise programme. Always seek guidance from a qualified exercise trainer and exercise safely at all times.