International Nurses Day

12th May 2022

Today is International Nurses Day!

International Nurses Day is dedicated to celebrating the incredible work and difference nurses make to patients’ lives. Here at Baywater Healthcare, we are very proud of our nurses and have a number of qualified nurses in a range of job roles, including Nurse Adviser, Clinical Services Manager, and Clinical and Commercial Director.

We asked a few of our qualified nurses to tell us about their role at Baywater Healthcare and what being a nurse means to them.


Emma, Clinical Services Manager

I decided I wanted to become a nurse following having a heart condition as a child. I spent a short period of time on the other side of healthcare as a patient in intensive care. The care and compassion provided to me during this time were inspirational. I was determined that I wanted to work in a role where I, too, could help people, providing reassurance and attentive care.

The knowledge of the nurses at Baywater ensures that everything we do considers the patient and how our actions will affect them. We ensure patient safety, high-quality care, and the best clinical outcomes that meet patients’ diagnosed conditions and lifestyle needs.

Key skills in my role are safety awareness, we need to ensure every action taken by Baywater Healthcare is safe for the patients and staff. Clinical knowledge of respiratory conditions and how patients are diagnosed. Understanding of all oxygen equipment and how it fits into the lifestyle needs of our patients and an understanding of the needs of the healthcare professionals and the impacts of their working conditions.


Jade, HOS-AR (Home Oxygen Service Assessment and Review) Team Manager

One day I had a chat with my dad, who worked in a hospital in the IT Department, and he said that I had the right temperament to be a nurse. So, I got a job in a nursing home for elderly mental health patients and did some care training. I then progressed to nurse training at university. After qualifying, I then went back at a later date to do my degree.

It’s important to be a nurse working for Baywater because we do things the right way – patient-centered and holistic care. We are supported to provide a high-quality service to get things right for our patients. The most important skill in my role is communication. We understand how frightening it is for our patients to be breathless, and needing oxygen can be overwhelming. We advocate for them and work with their doctors, carers, and families to ensure they get the care they need.


Ian, Nurse Adviser

I have worked for Baywater for 14 years. My motivation for becoming a nurse was that I liked having paid and voluntary jobs where I could help people. It was something that I seemed to be good at and something that I got a sense of purpose and reward from.

Working for Baywater is important to me as I help clinicians from the NHS and other organisations to understand our service, the equipment and deal with patient issues and any problems that arise. This helps make the service run as smoothly as possible, helps the front-line clinicians in their roles, and helps our patients. Key skills in my role are communication, training and presentation ability, knowledge of the service and equipment and problem-solving using that knowledge.