How singing can help COPD

Wednesday 26th November 2014

At Baywater Healthcare our main focus is providing quality patient care and doing our utmost to help people. Many of the people we care for suffer from respiratory problems; therefore we wanted to promote a beneficial activity that is not only fun, but accessible to all. And so, we chose singing!

We teamed up with professional vocal coach Phaedra Brickwood to create a guide on how singing can help COPD, you can view the guide by clicking here

If you’ve read the guide and you’re ready to try yourself, we’ve put together this step by step video which will help you get started and guide you through your first song. If you’re feeling brave there’s even an advanced version which will really test your bag pipes!

To see us bring the campaign to a care home in the West Midlands watch the video below.

With a little practice you should start to feel the benefits of better breathing control, and we hope you have fun along the way!