Colour Coding Change for Medical Oxygen Cylinders

13th April 2014

In the interest of improving patient safety and to aid in cylinder identification, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) have approved a change to the colour of medical gas cylinders.

The cylinder body colour of all medical gas cylinders will be changing to white. In the case of oxygen cylinders, the colour code for the shoulder of the cylinder is also white, which means the whole cylinder will be white for medical oxygen.

This is the only change. The oxygen inside the cylinders, the quantity of oxygen in the cylinder and the valves remain the same.

The conversion programme for our medical oxygen cylinders will run until 2025, which is in line with the existing ten-year cylinder test cycle. Up until the end of December 2024, Baywater Healthcare patients will receive both current and new versions of the cylinder, avoiding any disruption to patients’ oxygen supply.

Although the above change will aid in distinguishing between medical and non-medical cylinders, it is recommended that you should always read the cylinder label as the primary method of cylinder identification.

If you have any queries about your medical oxygen, please contact Baywater Healthcare on 0800 373 580.