Baywater Healthcare secures emergency oxygen agreement with national GP and dental practice supplier

30th September 2015

An important contract to supply emergency oxygen cylinders to The LMC Buying Groups Federation, which provides products and services to 6,800 GP surgeries and dental practices across the UK has been secured by Baywater Healthcare.

The oxygen packages have been created to help GPs and dentists deliver immediate assistance in case of an emergency and give them peace of mind that they are prepared for these scenarios.  Comprising a portable medical oxygen cylinder, a mask and tubing, they are designed to provide a high flow of oxygen for us in a resuscitation situation.  The oxygen package shows users how to quickly and easily administer lifesaving oxygen until further help arrives.

Adam Sullivan, Chief Executive Baywater Healthcare, said: This is a strategically important contract for us, helping us build links with thousands of GP and dental practices across the country.  It also firmly associates us with the safe, reliable supply of oxygen and helps build the profile of our core healthcare business.