Alcohol Awareness

1st October 2022

Today is the start of ‘Sober October’ (1st October). Sober October challenges people to go through the whole month of October without drinking an alcoholic beverage. This month, we are promoting the advantages of not drinking alcohol and the importance of being sensible if we do drink alcohol.

While it is customary to enjoy a drink of alcohol, it is important to only consume a healthy amount and be aware of the harmful effects of consuming too much alcohol. It is recommended that you drink no more than fourteen units per week (two per day).

If you drink fourteen units per week, you should spread the drinks over at least three days during the week. Alcohol misuse will affect your brain and nervous system, leading to several health issues, including breathing difficulties, interference with heart rate, and a higher risk of accidents and injury. Alcohol misuse can cause long-term health issues such as an increased risk of cancer and liver damage. Furthermore, purchasing alcohol regularly can be expensive and lead to financial problems.

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