East of England Healthcare Professionals Update


The NHS has appointed Baywater Healthcare to take over the Home Oxygen Service in the East of England from 1st February 2025.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Home Oxygen Service. Over the coming months, we will share updates with you on how the transfer is progressing and any other information you may need to ensure a smooth transition.

Who we are

Baywater Healthcare was one of the original suppliers of the Home Oxygen Service when it began in 2006. Since then, we have provided home oxygen to almost a million patients.

Every day, we support over 40,000 patients and Healthcare Professionals across several services, including:

  • Home oxygen therapy
  • Home oxygen assessment and review (HOS-AR)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Home sleep diagnostics
  • Sleep apnoea therapy (CPAP)
  • Nebuliser therapy
  • Managed telehealth
  • Virtual wards
  • Ventilation
  • Recovery oxygen (oxygen supplies for Healthcare Professionals)

Patient care is at the heart of everything that we do.

You can find more information on our services by browsing our website. The home page has links to each therapy.

Actions needed

You do not need to do anything yet. Your oxygen patients’ details will be transferred to us directly from BOC via a secure method close to the time we take over.

After 1st February 2025, please submit HOOFs via our Online Portal. We will support you to register for access to our Online Portal closer to 1st February 2025.

We will contact oxygen patients directly to provide them with guidance. From 1st February 2025, oxygen patients should be directed to call our Healthcare Helpline at 0800 373580 for any required assistance, including questions, support, oxygen cylinder refills, oxygen consumable replacements, etc. Oxygen refill requests can also be made online on our website.

If your oxygen patients have questions in the meantime, please direct them to our website, where we have a page of helpful information at www.baywater.co.uk/east-of-england-update

Common questions

You can find answers to many common questions on our website here:


Common Questions


We have also included the list of specific questions and answers below, which we hope you will find helpful.


How do I register for the Online Portal?

We will deliver full training on our Online Portal and ensure you are registered for access before the 1st of February 2025.


Can we have a booklet on the equipment available?

You can find all our literature, including equipment booklets, here:




Will HOSAR equipment change?

Our oxygen cylinders look different but will be similar in size and weight and offer the same flow rates as the cylinders currently used. Where possible, other HOSAR equipment will remain the same. When we need to change it, we will replace it with a device that is functionally as close as possible to the original.


How do we order HOSAR equipment?

We will share details on the ordering process closer to February 1st 2025.


Does Baywater Healthcare supply oxygen equipment outside of the UK?

No, we only supply oxygen equipment inside the UK. The process for arranging oxygen outside the UK will vary depending on the destination. We may be able to provide further guidance if you contact our Clinicians Helpline at 01270 218050.


How will you notify me of training and any updates?

We will send you an e-newsletter called HOTflash, notify your Integrated Care Board’s (ICB’s) Home Oxygen Leads and update the information on this webpage.


Is the service changing?

Yes, the new contract includes some changes to the service specification. We will update you on these changes during training and via our e-newsletter HOTflash.


Is the contract service specification changing?

Yes, there are some changes which we will communicate with you during training sessions.

One key change is that the service will be available seven days a week, including Bank Holidays, for installations and urgent orders.

Response times:

Standard HOOF – Installation within three days.
Next day HOOF – Installation the next day.
Urgent HOOF – Installation within four hours. These are specifically for urgent oxygen orders that cannot wait until the next day.


Will I receive any training?

Yes, we will be delivering training in November, December, and January to prepare for the new service starting on February 1st 2025.


Will we have a Regional Clinical Adviser?

Yes, we are currently recruiting for the role of Regional Clinical Adviser and hope to have someone in the position before October. You can find more details on our careers page.




Which areas are affected by this change?

All areas within the East of England Home Oxygen Region will transfer from BOC to Baywater Healthcare.

The following ICBs are affected:

  • Bedford, Luton & Milton Keynes ICB (Milton Keynes is part of the South Central Home Oxygen Region and will remain with Dolby Vivisol)
  • Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICB
  • Mid & South Essex ICB
  • Norfolk & Waveney ICB
  • Suffolk & North East Essex ICB
  • Hertfordshire & West Essex ICB