Cannula are available in different shapes and sizes, you may need a specific type of cannula to accommodate your flow rate. Please take note of the cannula type you receive for when you need to order more.

Straight adult cannula and curved adult cannula: these adult nasal cannulae can be used for flow rates of 0 litres per minute up to 4 litres per minute. Nasal cannulae do not come with tubing attached, they are designed to fit directly into the trumpet connection on the tubing.


Curved cannula: these have two slightly curved prongs that go up into the nostrils. The curves should point towards the back of the head to allow the oxygen to flow easily and comfortably.


Straight adult cannula: have two straight prongs that go up the nostrils. There is also a small lip of plastic that sits on top of the lip.

Note: do not place your cannula or mask on upholstery, bedding or clothing. Do not place your cannula or mask into a dishwasher.


The appropriate length of tubing will be supplied by our Healthcare Technician, taking into account the needs of the oxygen user and the safest option.

TubingAll tubing is anti-crush, meaning that it keeps its shape and is not easily pushed down flat; the only difference between the tubing is the length. All the tubing has a trumpet connection at the end to fit either the mask or the nasal cannula into.


We supply a range of connectors that we install to help with oxygen delivery:

  • T shaped – used to redirect oxygen into another room usually used when oxygen is piped around the home
  • L shaped – used when oxygen is piped around the home to direct oxygen to another room

Straight connector:
these are used to connect two pieces of tubing together.

Swivel connector:
these are used if a patient is quite mobile within the home and tubing may get easily twisted.

Y shaped connector:
this is used when oxygen is piped around the home to redirect oxygen to another room.

Fire breakers

These are used in the case of a fire in the home. The fire breaker cuts off the oxygen supply to the patient so that any fire does not reach the patient and cause damage. The fire breaker must stay in the patient’s tubing and should not be touched under any circumstances.

The blue arrow on the fire breaker must always be pointing towards the patient.

Cylinder bags

We provide one cylinder bag per patient free of charge on the installation of ambulatory cylinders. The bag has been designed to fit both the cylinder and the conserver to make it easier for the user to carry their ambulatory cylinders.

Re-Ordering Oxygen Cylinders, Liquid Oxygen or Consumables

To request replacement oxygen cylinders, cannula, mask or consumables, please complete the form below:

If you are requesting a cylinder delivery you can chose a day for your delivery.

We deliver seven days a week.

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B10 Large Static Cylinder

B10 large static cylinder

Standard Ambulatory Cylinder

Standard ambulatory cylinder

Smaller Ambulatory Cylinder

Smaller ambulatory cylinder
(only available after a professional medical assessment)

Adult Cannula (Curved)
Adult Cannula (Straight)
Adult Mask
Ear Protectors
Paediatric Cannula
Paediatric Mask
Filter for Oxygen concentrator machine
Tender Grips

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