LOX Dewar

The dewar contains liquid oxygen and it should only be used by the patient to fill the portable unit when the user wants to leave the house. If oxygen is needed at home, we recommend the patient uses the oxygen concentrator machine.

Users should be familiar with the component parts of a portable home oxygen therapy unit before it is used including:

  • To check the level of liquid oxygen in a dewar, press the liquid level switch for at least two seconds and read the liquid level display. Always reorder when it reaches a quarter full.
  • If the low battery indicator on the liquid level display lights up when the button is pressed, the user should inform the Baywater Healthcare Healthcare Technician at the next visit.

Technical Data – Chart 30 LOX Dewar
Weight of liquid gas 34.2 kg
Weight of dewar 20 kg
Full weight 54.2 kg
Height 81 cm
Diameter 35.5 cm


Technical Data – Chart 32 LOX Dewar
Weight of liquid gas 36.48 kg
Weight of dewar 24 kg
Full weight 60.48 kg
Height 95.0 cm
Diameter 35.5 cm


Technical Data – Dehas 35 LOX Dewar
Weight of liquid gas 39.9 kg
Weight of dewar 20 kg
Full weight 59.9 kg
Height 77 cm
Diameter 40 cm

    Re-Ordering Oxygen Cylinders, Liquid Oxygen or Consumables

    To request replacement oxygen cylinders, nasal prongs, mask or consumables, please complete the form below. Please note that orders received after 6.30pm will be processed the next day:

    Do you or anyone in your household have cold or flu symptoms?

    If you are requesting a cylinder delivery you can chose a day for your delivery.

    Monday-Friday for North West patients or seven days a week in other areas.

    Please let us know your requirements:

    Large Static Cylinder

    Large static cylinder
    Used in the home, often for babies and children, Cluster Headache diagnosis or emergency oxygen

    Portable Cylinder

    Portable cylinder
    Used to move around inside/outside of the home

    Small Portable Cylinder

    Small portable cylinder
    Only available after a professional medical assessment

    Liquid Oxygen Tank

    Liquid oxygen tank

    Adult Cannula (Curved)
    Adult Cannula (Straight)
    Adult Mask
    Ear Protectors
    Paediatric Cannula
    Paediatric Mask
    Filter for Oxygen Machine
    Tender Grips

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