Medical Information

The Patient Information Leaflet contains important information for you, please read it carefully. You may want to print it out and keep it safe should you need to read it again. Ask your pharmacist or GP if you need more information.

The Patient Information Leaflet contains information on the following:

  1. What is Medical Oxygen and what it is used for
  2. Before you use Medical Oxygen
  3. How to use Medical Oxygen
  4. Possible side effects
  5. How to store Medical Oxygen
  6. Further information


Patient Information Leaflet

Re-Ordering Oxygen Cylinders, Liquid Oxygen or Consumables

To request replacement oxygen cylinders, cannula, mask or consumables, please complete the form below:

If you are requesting a cylinder delivery you can chose a day for your delivery.

We deliver seven days a week.

Please let us know your requirements:

B10 Large Static Cylinder

B10 large static cylinder

Standard Ambulatory Cylinder

Standard ambulatory cylinder

Smaller Ambulatory Cylinder

Smaller ambulatory cylinder
(only available after a professional medical assessment)

Adult Cannula (Curved)
Adult Cannula (Straight)
Adult Mask
Ear Protectors
Paediatric Cannula
Paediatric Mask
Filter for Oxygen concentrator machine
Tender Grips

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