Nebulising your medication

What kind of medicine is used?

Medicines which are inhaled as a liquid or vapour to ensure they enter the lungs.

Your clinician may refer to these are relievers, bronchodilators, preventers, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics medicines. Your clinician will also inform you when you should take these medication, how frequently and the order they should be taken if appropriate.

Always follow the directions of your clinician when nebulising any medication.

Side Effects

If you notice any side effects from your nebuliser therapy, you should inform your clinician as soon as possible. If you are worried, contact the Accident and Emergency department of a nearby hospital if you are unable to contact your usual clinician.

To reduce all side effects of nebuliser therapy, the mouth should be rinsed out and face washed after every treatment. If you experience ongoing problems you should contact your GP or respiratory specialist. Click here for information on cleaning your nebuliser equipment

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