Remote monitoring - questions answered

Will the managed telehealth (telehealth) service add to NHS staff workload?
No. We take care of the non-clinical burden, enabling clinicians to focus on patient care. We follow up non-compliance or technical issues with the patient, keeping clinicians informed but without taking up their valuable time.

Do you subcontract any part of your managed telehealth (telehealth) service?
No. Every element of the managed telehealth (telehealth) service is provided by Baywater Healthcare, ensuring all activity is owned and executed efficiently.

Do you provide managed telehealth (telehealth) equipment and service?
Yes. We provide a comprehensive service and equipment solution for meeting the needs of the patient and clinician. As we are not tied to an equipment manufacturer we can offer advice on the best solution or work with your preferred supplier.

What does the managed telehealth (telehealth) service cost?
We use a per-patient, per-day pricing model, which means you only pay for the time the equipment is with the patient. No capital investment is needed.

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