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Baywater Healthcare has a long-established history in the field of homecare services.

Our experience, alongside our focus on high quality, patient-centred homecare services, ensuring patient dignity, better quality of life and independent living, coupled with our existing business infrastructure, mean Baywater Healthcare is perfectly positioned to deliver world class managed telehealth provision. The managed telehealth service can achieve high levels of patient satisfaction, and deliver significant benefits to the health service.

Our highly-trained Healthcare Technicians, national contact centre and centrally located workshop, ensure all managed telehealth activities are carried out to the highest possible standards.

Our managed telehealth service includes:

  • Equipment provision and installation with no capital outlay
  • Patient training and motivation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • 24 hour /7 day contact centre support
  • 7 day monitoring and follow-up to identify at-risk patients and enable early clinical response
  • Web-based monitoring portal and support for clinicians
  • Remote monitoring service development consultancy
  • Asset management and regular reports

Baywater Healthcare has extensive experience of providing in home clinical services to patients. Our infrastructure is already tailor made to provide the much needed integrated service model which is now accepted as a critical component of a successful managed telehealth programme.



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