Clinical Portal

Our managed telehealth clinical portal enables clinical teams to set up questions on the patient devices, on a patient-by-patient basis, typically based around a specific disease.

Questions and alerts are customisable and as such our clinical portal allows any primary diagnosis and co-morbidity question sets as required by the clinical teams.

Interactive diagnostic question sets designed for each disease type and individual patient needs are selected by Clinicians via our portal and presented on the hand held ‘patient interaction devices’ to the patient at home.

The system allows unlimited prompts to be programmed to provide reminder features such as medication reminders, educational content and statements.

Our managed telehealth clinical portal also provides a unique self-help content manager that allows clinical teams to define and collate suitable evidence based educational and motivational content that will lead to increased knowledge, an expert patient and subsequent behavioural change. Staff will be able to edit/adapt the information, and select different information “content” for each patient based on their co-morbidities, needs and abilities.

There are four aspects to the delivery of this self-help information and support:

  1. Provision of “Static” educational information – allowing the patient to be able to access at any time the content that has been collated specifically for their condition. Hyperlinks to other web resources can be included.
  2. Provision of “Dynamic” information – provision of specific self-management information generated and triggered after negative patient responses are received after running through a question set.
  3. Provision of a display of the patients last 4 weeks of data, so they can view progress and learn about correlations between behaviour and condition.
  4. Provision of training and motivational videos for example other patient experiences, physio exercises and training.

All content can be changed at any time and the self-help information updated remotely.

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