Safety advice

When used correctly nebuliser equipment is safe, however you should follow some basic safety advice:

  • Do not immerse the nebuliser compressor (machine) in water
  • Please ensure you do not spill any medication or liquids on the nebuliser compressor
  • Never block the air intake grills on the side of the compressor
  • Position the equipment on a clean surface – do not place on a carpet or any surface where fibres can be drawn into the unit when in use
  • Always keep electrical leads away from sources of heat
  • Do not use if either plug or power cable are damaged
  • Always disconnect the nebuliser compressor (machine) from the electricity supply when cleaning and when not in use
  • Store in a clean dust-free environment at room temperature
  • Do not remove the covers of the compressor or attempt any maintenance yourself – you may get an electric shock
  • Do not modify the equipment or its accessories in any way as this will affect drug delivery
  • Store out of reach of children
  • Do not let children or untrained persons tamper with the equipment
  • Nebulisers should be serviced annually

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